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  • Important sub catchments identified by CSIR (for NPAEs) (J. Nel pers com) with additional important catchment identified by Mao Amis in CFR freshwater plan added.

  • Vegetation type map indicating the extent of original (pre-transformation) vegetation types in the Agulhas municipality & 2km beyond – based on SANBI’s SA vegmap – beta04 version.

  • DAFF Managed Forest Wilderness Area Boundary - DEA Protected Area Database Extract

  • This GIS layer codes for Wetland cluster Freshwater Ecosystem Priority Areas (FEPAs). Wetland clusters are groups of wetlands within 1 km of each other and embedded in a relatively natural landscape. Note: This GIS layer codes: • Wetland cluster Freshwater Ecosystem Priority Areas (FEPAs) • FEPAs for rivers and wetlands are provided in separate GIS layers (River_FEPAs_30Jul11.shp and NFEPA_Wetlands_30Jul11.shp).

  • Sub-quaternary catchments for the Matzikama Municipality.

  • The Broad Management Units have been defined by the intersection of all the broad-scale processes. Because many of the processes overlap, all the different combinations of overlap are shown. The GIS layer that was prepared for this report will allow the user to query the exact extent of each process.

  • Sub-quaternary catchments for the Riversdale and Upper Breede Freshwater Planning Domain.

  • This layer provides a general synopsis of why an area or polygon received its specific Critical Biodiversity Area classification, by listing the specific biodiversity informant involved. Also provided are the transformation state and management recommendation. It is anticipated that this layer would mainly be of interest to technical or specialist users

  • Vegetation layer of the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve Planning Domain with Ecosystem Status Statistics Appended.